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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Other than that, I don't like cutting fuel first, as this can put you in a lean situation (especially a fuel-cut rev limiter).
A couple of seconds of lean operation isn't enough to damage the engine, IMHO. It takes significantly more than that to heat up the pistons/chambers enough to really matter, and if you're using it as a kill mechanism the engine will stop running and stop heating up very quickly.

I prefer the idea of cutting the injector power because once you do, the only fuel going in is whatever is already in the manifold--so you'll only get a couple of revs more with any fuel at all, really.

My "other car" has a spark-cut rev limiter, and if you ride the limiter you can load up the exhaust with fuel and then ignite it in the header. Thank heaven for low-restriction mufflers....

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