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sure you can. it's easy.

but i bet the time and money spent , modeling an O2 sensor will vastly exceed
just the one parameter box setting on MSquit that sets where you want.
Where you want the cruise stoich to be. (wide band sensor is best)

consider this:

the factory O2 is 14.7:1 ,
it is non linear, to the point of acting like a switch. <<< a serious limit.
it literally says, I'm too rich, not now,, Im too lean.

The stock ecu is coded to swing around stoich. (only the O2 know it)
the swing is for 2 reasons.
1: the O2 is a switch and the ECU can not calc. the next point (nonlinear)
2: the ECU is coded to waste fuel to keep the cat lit off. (sad huh)

a wide band sensor cures that.
one can calc. 16:1 and come close , then fine tune it on the fly.

I know people make O2 offset boxs (scalers) .
I do know they are very unreliable . (try it )
the reason is because the O2 was never ment or designed to do anything other than stoich.

Just hate seeing people pound their heads on a factory 02.

then comes the 02 monitors, that all new cars have and are all different.
the EPA spec. is a constant ,the application of the monitors are totally unpredictable.

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