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You know, the more I look at the Autospeed article, the more I wonder-do those double-switches use a Resistor to go from 12V to 24V, or is it simply two separate circuits with two separate switches? It seems like such a simple idea that I have trouble wrapping my head around it-the fact the author of that article could get Regen so easily that is. Guess my lack of Electronics training is i'm tempted to cross 'expensive Controller ' off the blueprints for my Dream EV and replace with 'Resistor/Contactor Array'! I'll be sure to use a different color crayon...

Ryland-i've no idea what year model starter WannabeEVer has, but would starter motors from older, obsolete models have the durability required for an EV bike? I've seen full-sized cars converted with old Aircraft starters, after all. If not, i'll point him to a few cheap Generators I found on Ebay($7-20 if you want to clean/recondition, $70-100 for perfect).
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