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Whatt next?

OK, we're gonna get all web2.0 with this $h!t, yo. (you know, interactivity or something)
I'm gonna be conducting a poll to determine my next mod. But, since I don't want to start a new poll thread just for that, you have to PM me with your choice. I'll tally and post the results.

Here's the situation.
I'm going to San Fran in a few weeks, driving 275 miles each way, and I REALLY want to make it there and back on one tank of gas. That means hitting at least 57 mpg the whole way, something I have yet to do.

So I'll be looking to do one major aero improvement before then to boost my highway mpg (hopefully into the +57mpg range). And I think I may only have enough ABS plastic left to make one of the two mods that I want to...

Here's were all of you fine folks come in. You'll be making the decision for me as to what mod I make.

Front wheel skirts or a Kammback?

The front wheel skirts would strongly resemble those on basjoos's car, and the Kammback would strongly resemble Darin's prototype.

So, let the battle begin! (and thanks for the help!)

Oh, and feel free to post with your vote and/or reasoning.
"I got 350 heads on a 305 engine. I get 10 miles to the gallon. I ain't got no good intentions." - The Drive By Truckers.

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