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ok, enough EV and Biodiesel, how about h20?

I am a decently longtime lurker but I wanted to wait to post something worthwhile, i hope.

I found a fuel technology that involves water electrolysis which creates something called "Brown's Gas", a hh2 mixture (2 hydrogen atoms) that are injected through the intake pcv to the engine. I read claims that you can get anywhere from 45-86% increased efficiency with any carburated or gasoline engine. I downloaded an e-book and i can email it to anyone who wants it. I just want to know, before i build my own system, is this a bunch of hogwash or is it feasible?

I know this is not also related but my front bumper has been crushed and is held together by zip ties, It's a plastic bumper so my second and unrelated question is; Am I able to bond fiberglass resin to it? I want to make an aero bumper with an air scoop for my intake where the right foglight mount. I have a 2001 Honda Civic EX for visual purposes.

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