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Originally Posted by Formula413 View Post
Just a question for people running Scanguages. I have noticed that mine seems to be consistently wrong in measuring fuel consumed and mpg. It seems that I am consistently using about 5-10% more fuel than the Scanguage shows. As a result the gas mileage shown by the Scanguage is about 2 mpg higher than what I come up with calculating it the old fashioned way. Anyone have similar issues?

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You have to tweak the scan gauge to the car. When you fill up there is a screen that lets you change the amount that the scan gauge calcuated and what you actually used. If you fine tune it this way with large fillups it should be right on. I did two 10 gallon fills on a 12 gallon tank and mine is with in .1 every time. If you have done this and it's still reading differnt everytime then I think you have a problem with the SG.
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