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The Bad with the Good

First the good. I got to take a brand new BMW 535i for a ride in Houston tonight. What a fabulos driving car. I went to dinner in it which was a 12 mile round trip hop in 6:00 traffic. I was impressed that I was able to pull 30.5 mpg out of a cold start to the resturant and 27.5 on the way back. This was with no EOC or turning the engine off at lights. I was able to keep the engine RPM's below 1500 using the 6 speed auto-manual shift. I though it was very impressive for a six cylinder. Now if only you did not have to pay for it .....

The bad. I get to my car to go home and there is an 11x14 sign on the window that say "OPEC called and they want your car" Then I get in and the gas gauge is on empty Big oil strikes again. *Shrug*.

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