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Hi and thanks for the welcome. I drive a 350z and a 98 explorer v-6. We also have 2008 Altima. I've got the Z to the point that it consistently gets 32+ mpg (stock was 26). The explorer is my project. I had it up to 23 mpg @ 70 and 25 @ 65 mph, but since replacing the cat converter, mpg's took a dive. Haven't reworked the exhaust system yet, but flow matched the injectors, installed a belly pan, installed electric fan / removed stock fan, installed EFIE, and did a few other upgrades with gave me about 4 mpg increase, but still not back to my 23 mpg as previous. I'm hoping the high flow cats I'm about to install with a free flowing exhaust will get me up over 25 mpg.

Also in the works is a controllable MAF knob inside the truck, and EGT sensors. On the highway I like to run it easy and lean it out to pick up some more mpg's. My goal is 30 mpg for the truck.

The Altima I'd like to get up to 40mpg. We had 33-34 mpg before the 10% ethanol fuel came out, now it's impossible to get over 29mpg. The car's stock 2.5L auto with CVT transmission.

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