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red - '02 Honda Insight
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It has about 114,000 miles and is running good now. It was initially bogging down a lot and getting fuel starved (as in every few blocks!).
I had the gas tank purged, and put on new filters for the fuel. The previous owner had some not so great fuel in it. Looks like it was not filtered enough perhaps?

The clear primary filter does catch some bits of stuff but I can easily take the filter off and blow it out and then put it back in.

Here is a link to some exterior shots of the car for now.

Picasa Web Albums - beczip - Mercedes

The car is in overall good shape and a good percentage of the accessories actually work.
Pretty good for ~$1,100.

I want to "get to know" the car a bit before I start adding in veggie oil, so for now I am just running dino-diesel. This way I reduce the number of variables in case the car stops working.

Since this is a single-tank Elsbett system, in winter I would run a blend of WVO and diesel (straight diesel in very cold weather), slowly switching back over to only WVO once the temps increase in the spring.
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