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i've had a look if i could addapt this to my car.

i've been looking over my fuses and found a fuse labeled 'FI' when i pull it the starter will turn but the car won't start, if i pull it when it's running it'll run for a second and than dies.... al electric systems and lights keep running as mormal
reinsert the fuse, nothing happenes, and it can start as normal....

sounds like this is the fuelpump and yes, somewhere on the web i found this fuse is for:

Fuel pump
Control unit
anti-theft warning system
Immobiliser (radio controlled)

i have an alarm but no immobiliser so i don't have to worry about that, but what about the controle unit part? other fuses are also labeled "Control unit" amonst other things according to the same source so what does this stand for? as everything else keeps running as well i don't think it cuts out the ecu

would there be a downside to basically wireing a switch in series with this relay to act as a stop switch?
as opel is GM perhaps american early 90's GM car use the same layout

if it does just interrupt the fuelpump that might be my best bet for a simple safe start-stop switch... my only problem with interrupting the fuel pump is that it might prevent smooth (bump) restarts
however i would not have to cut any factory wires so the system could be fully non intruseive... there does not seem to be a fuse for the injectors i can find, sofar an injector cutoff is not an easy option.
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