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but you should not (from what I've been told) leave the ignition system on, as it could cause damage, according to some FSM's and techs alike.
i'm not sure im with you here, i mean i can see it's not a ideal situation where the sparks keep fireing when there's no fuel going to the engine as they might be cooled by the fuel.
but how exactly whould leaving the iginion on be bad?

if i where to cut out the fuelpump i'd press down the clutch, pop it in neutral and while doing that, cut out the pump long enough to starve the engine...
than i'd eoc on, and when it's time to restart the engine depending on the speed, either start with the electric starter possibly with a start switch next to the stop swith, or bumpstart
(which could be a problem as i imagine there's no fuel going to the engine immediately...)

so only when the engine was "starveing" it would be running for a second or so with little or no fuel in it... but than it would stop turning and the spark plugs would stop fireing... this situation would be fairly identical to switching the ignition to on, prior to starting the engine no? or would the ecu interpred things different and perhaps keep fireing the spark plug of the cilinder that was about the enter it's power stroke?...

what's an ECM? en electronic controle module? but for what?... could this be some sort of fuel pump feedback for the ecu perhaps, a simple on off thing that telld the ecu the pumps running or not? it might make sence to give it the same fuese so that when that fuse goes the feeback goes too and the ecu know there's something wrong?

i have the wireing diagrams for the car, but they're a little over my head... i night be able to isolate the fuse though and see what it's connected to...
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