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leaving the ignition system powered on without a way to discharge is harmful to your ignition system... your ignition coil is essentially a 12v->30-60kV capacitor <(--- what I meant by that.

Again, I don't know if it's damaging or not, but I dont do it either.

The '93 lumina is OBD-1 still, so no go on the cam sensor, I'm pretty sure.

If you have a COP ignition system, you can cut the power to the signal wire for the crank trigger. (Coil on plug, coil per plug) There will be a sensor on your crank somewhere that has magnets on it.. it will also have a signal and circuit wire, you can interrupt that signal to cut spark.

Do not confuse this with the CKP (Crank position sensor) as the CKP isn't necessary to run the car, just to make it run correctly.
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