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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
alright scratch that. found the numbers
It takes 165 KWH or 5 GGE(Gallons of Gasoline(or) Equivalent) to refine gasoline. if thats coal powered only its 330 lbs of CO2 per gallon of gasoline. if it follows the national average then at least half the energy is from coal. so just 150 lbs of CO2 per gallon. . .

so 150 lbs is less than 20 lbs of CO2 my car can possibly produce per gallon.
That's just to refine it. It does not include the coal to make the steel for all the equipment to drill, refine, and move the fuel..

On moving it, the pipe line pumps are powered by the fuel they move. This is called "shrinkage" and is usually about 5% for transport from the Golf to Michigan. We have a large refinery outside Detriot. So, throw another chumk of CO2 for this.

In Michigan today, the cheapest gas is $1.51 / gal at Clark - 7975 Middlebelt & Ann in Westland, and Diesel is $2.38 at Marathon - 3199 Gratiot Ave & Mack Ave in Detroit. That's a 37% difference at the lowest end.

But guys, who buys a car simply by the calulator ? For me, the ability to drive 800 miles without stopping for fuel is worth much more than the operation cost. Diesel's get about 40% better mileage in real world non-hybrid biases EPA mpg numbers, and diesel cars also put out about 30% less CO2 than gas cars - again, big value to me..

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