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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Trebuchet. . . you have to work 125% harder to clean things up at the refinery. thats the 5:4 issue. It's possible to make refineries cleaner. . .but the people who run them have no interest in doing that because it goes from cutting into their profits to draconian cuts into profits.
I never said it was easy.

If you want to cut global emissions - cut it where it's being emitted. Increasing fuel economy is one part of a solution - but it's not the entire solution.

And yes, the people that run them have no interest in doing it by themselves, at least generally.... These are the same people that have no problem poisoning customers. A gross example would be the Love Canal incident.... Closer to home, Here's the long term national priority Superfund sites in New England alone. All because someone didn't clean up their mess.. Now we're so lucky, after being exposed in the first place, to foot the bill to clean it up.

Increase MPG
Reduce End User Emissions
Reduce Production Emissions
Efficient Infrastructure
R&D for all of the Above and Diverse Alternatives

Fixing one while ignoring else what is not a solution, it's a stop gap and a very long one either.

It gets something like 240 odd MPG after its batteries have gone dry.
This is false. When the batteries are fully depleted, it's 120mpg But that's on a variant that is not being sold....
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Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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