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Yes I am aware its a stop gap.

I'll be happy to say this again. Congress is not going to get the emissions protocols any lower on plants or refineries, because we live in a capitalistic society that I like. If you have to squeee for hours to get a dollar out of something we don't do it. minimum wage is 7 something now so unless you can squeeze 7 an hour nobody will do it.

The point being people will abdicate their corporations sell their stock and walk out before they do something that sees no profit. Then thousands of people don't have jobs and there is no gas. I'm not saying changing the emissions to be slightly more strict will kill them, but what you want is 125% more control to my 100% improvement. Improvement doesn't make business harder on anyone. 125% less emissions means refineries, coalfired plants pipelines diesels, freighters all go out of business.

It's like vacuuming through a filter. you can only get space down to 0 PSI(air normal being 14.7) but you can increase pressure on the otherside and push as much as you like. It's also much easier to increase pressure to 29 PSI opposed to vacuum it to 0 PSI.

You want to vacuum to 0. I want instead of wasting energy trying to get that to 0 just push from the otherside and apply 36 PSI instead.

The emissions lines for refineries are reading around 4 PSI and getting the last 4 lbs out is not going to happen, so let off the vacuum take an equal amount of energy and solve the problem from the otherside.
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