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Ouch... At least the critter didn't ram through the windshield.

I also hit a young deer back in 2006. My 97 Jetta suffered VERY similar damages, but my insurance covered it though.

Radiator was bent backward but otherwise OK. Fan shroud was cracked though. Else, all damages can be seen/guessed from the picture (windshield was slightly cracked in a corner due to the hood hitting it). Car wasn't airbag equipped.

It almost cost the price of the car itself (4200$ cdn) to fix it at the body shop, they barely wrote it off as a total loss (car had about 455000 km)! I could have repaired this all for less than 1000$ myself, over a weekend with junkyard parts...

I never found back my driver's side headlight, my guess is that it was *inside* the deer (which has been catapulted in ditch on opposite side of the road, where it was heading). In place of the missing headlight was the deer's lunch (not yet digested wet grass) and a blob of guts (removed at the scene). A year later I was still finding dried stinking grass when working under the hood, and you could smell it on hot days just by standing besides the front of the car.
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