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Why isn't CO2 considered an emission in this debate? Yes, NOx and SOx, very nasty things; smog, acid rain, health effects, and so on. But if we shift the debate to the dangers of global warming, we should be limiting our emissions of greenhouse gases (and heat, frankly). The best way to do this is with increased efficiency. When you clean up the NOx output of a new heavy duty diesel truck by cutting its mpg in half, what f&*kin good have you done!?
I have tried, unsuccessfully, to convince myself that the EPA is NOT in bed with big oil, conspiring to keep us all consuming MORE fuel. But the emissions rules applied to new diesel engines are ruining their economy and affordability.

I'd rather hold my breath when a diesel car drives by then watch global temperatures climb to levels that melt all ice, flooding cities with rising sea levels and killing millions in extreme weather swings.
If you don't agree that humans are contributing greatly to climate change, well, lets not ruin this thread with that debate now.

The ultra low gasoline prices right now make me ill. We really need a progressive tax that keeps the price floor at $4 / gallon, with proceeds to alternative energy research. Its the only way Americans will learn to conserve energy.

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