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Deezler I agree. If we throw CO2 into the equation it swings entirely in one direction. In making gasoline you produce substantially more than 2 times the CO2 you get from just burning it.

a 1% increase in engine efficiency equals at least 3% reduction in CO2 emissions. Alot of people don't like to rank CO2 with other emissions because it makes it impossible to make rules. It takes more than a gallon of gas to get CO2 into something not hazardous and not CO2, so its entirely impossible in cars.

Like I said the answer is maximizing engine efficiency bar none.

Treb. . .just because an engine gets slightly better numbers today doesn't mean the engine couldn't be better without emissions.

The reason processors for computers topped out back just into the millenium is because they started limiting their power intake. My computer has a 4.7 GHz pentium 4.

It's pretty literally one of the fastest processors out there for personal computers. The intel duo cores aren't faster. They are much more energy efficient. . .and alot slower. With 1 gig ram, and a graphics card from 03 I can lie to the software in the game without any trouble on graphics rendering. Now if you take one of those new chips and designed t for maximum power over efficiency. . .it would eat my computer alive. Same for diesels I assume. I know its true for gas engines.

The CRX 88 got 51 mpg. With new variable valve timing, more advanced ECU maps that allow for lean burning even hypermiling on a new civic you'll only get about 50. If you strip down your exhaust package to the less restrictive CRX it goes up alot.

My mother drives said Civic for the record. I ripped out all of its exhaust, replaced it with straight pipes 4,1 no cat no muffler just a small silencer(with much less backpressure than the stock muffler(or less backpressure than was between the cat and the muffler)). My mother now gets in the upper forties not doing any special techniques.

Just because the numbers go up doesn't mean advanced regulations isn't hampering them. It's equivalent to saying that Nascar's restrictions on engines had no effect. Nascar always restricts parts of the car but progressively speeds got much faster(until new restrictor plates were introduced not so long ago). It would be like saying those restrictions did not hamper speed increases because they increased anyway. It's obviously bogus. If the restrictions had never been there it would have been a drastic increase(both in speeds on track and in mpg(although greater track speeds would probably be detrimental to the sport)). I'm sure Deezler could tell you if you rip all the controls and systems of the HD trucks you gain enormous MPG.
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