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Total weight of it with five 12v 20ah batteries is around 130lb.
The stock controller can only output 1KW (if modified), and the motor maxes out at about the same point.

Even if I'm a little bit over 1KW I highly doubt the police are going to bother chasing after me with a multimeter. Because I'm still not going to be able to get above 35MPH, which would automatically make me a regular motorcycle no matter what specifications I may or may not be meeting.
I'm quite happy with not having to have a license plate or insurance.

Consider I weigh the same as the bike I'm pretty sure I'm already getting over 1,000mpg. I haven't gotten around to buying a Kill-a-Watt in order to find out though.

Once I do go to 72 volts it's going to be interesting because with the change over to all LED lighting I won't need anywhere near as powerful of a replacement DC-DC converter. The whole lighting system will draw 2 amps Maximum.

So that DC-DC converter you recommended earlier will be perfect. It can power all of the lights from just one 12v 2.5A output, and power the voltmeter from the 5V out.

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