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And limiting CO2 emissions in a moving assembly is rather incredulous because it takes much more power to reclaim the CO2 or scrub the CO2 from the air than you get out of a gallon of gasoline. A stationary facility maybe, but thats because they can draw off the electric grid. It's impossible for a vehicle to go anywhere if it has to spend all(and then some) of its fuel regulating its own emissions.
Why is your first assumption always to scrub it out?

And, can you cite you .5 gram figure? Because that's stricter than some of the old EPA reqs.

It's LD50 is 1800 grams so it will take a very very long time to get that much benzene into the atmosphere and even then talk to anyone who took Organic chemistry pre 1996 and they will tell you they used it by the gallon and got it all over them.)
It's incredibly disingenuous to completely ignore long term effects
Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.

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