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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
The aero benefits of the "second windshield" (by eliminating the "A" pillar vortex and smoothing the airflow over the front of the car) were undeniable, but I had some operational problems with it when operating in cold rainy weather. I'm in the process of replacing the clear vinyl on the "windscreen" with Lexan. The vinyl was clear enough when looked at straight through (90 degrees), but was hazy when viewed through at an angle (30 degrees) as it is near the bottom of the windscreen. It also had a tendancy to overwealm the Fog-X and fog up on the inner surface when driving in cold, wet conditions. The Lexan should take care of the low angle visibility problem and I need to get a good watertight seal along the front and sides of the "windshield" so water can't find its way onto the hot hood and end up condensing on the cold inner surfaces of the "windshield". Also considering adding a windshield wiper to the "windshield" to placate any cops that might freak out at a car driving in the rain without wipers, even if I don't really need them.
Have you given up on the "second windshield" / aero-visor?
Was the proto-type aero-visor still in use when you hit the deer?
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