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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
While the insight's powertrain would be impressive in the aerocivic, the layout would require extensive (read: expensive) modification to the aerocivic, whereas the VX engine is essentially a bolt-in application, only needing some mild extra wiring and a mount swap to be installed perfectly.

I'm not sure what the Insight's engine layout code is, or how exactly the mouting system is designed, but I do know that it requires expensive engine management controls, and I've yet to see anyone actually get one to work perfectly in another chassis.

I have, however, seen an Insight chassis used to make 9 second passes on D-series engines... (read: Bisimoto Engineering)

Also, noted in MetroMPG's budget EV thread, the Li-Ion battery options are prohibitively expensive for the average enthusiast's budget.
Yeah,just kinda pipe-dreaming out loud.Perhaps basjoos can get a bail-out package,purchase Saturn from GM as a condition of there rescue money,then he can switch production over the the 1989 Saturn Impact(EV-1) with Geo Storm powertrain recalibrated for economy as Dr. Paul MaCready had suggested for an 80-mpg gasoline car.-------- More pipe-dreams!
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