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I agree with Matt 100%! CVTs are great, in concept, but all the stupid people of the world that think they need to jackrabbit everywhere have made the execution way off target for efficiency. They're capable of being lighter, smaller, more efficient, more quiet, and have a wider total spread of ratios compared to a geared transmission regardless of all the available ratios in between min and max. The ONLY disadvantage I see them having is the slightly limited torque handling which could make low speed, high ratio driving difficult/a little less efficient/damage the trans, but I'm talking <20mph, top gear/ratio/whatever. I can also kind of understand the weird sensation of watching the speedometer rise and not the tach, but I would think the hoards of drones that have been driving mushy automatics forever would be used to this. I, being a 12 year veteran of the 5 speed, automatically think "Great, there goes my clutch!" This is just something that will seem more natural with time for me and the rest of society. I don't understand why the programming on the CVTs is fixed. Sports cars have buttons for their automatics that allow them to shift quicker. I don't even need manual slide ratio control like Matt wants even thought that would be sweet! All I need is a button (like sport shift or 4wd) or a selector (like the knob that chooses defrost or floor, does any vehicle use those anymore) that would let me choose "granny" mode or "lead-footed idiot" mode and maybe even another option in between. That's what it would take to get me out of my manual.

Anything that's programmed for the status quo and unchangeable is not for me, because I am not the status quo and I don't think anyone else here is either. If someone here is satisfied with the status quo why are they on a modding website of any kind?

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