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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Sorry, but sports cars don't have automatics, by definition. Put an automatic in one, and it stops being a sports car.
tell this to ferrari and porcshe.... I think they are pretty well set in the definition of "sports car" and so anything they do, automatically means its a sports car.

or do you want to call the 4 wheel drive, selectable automatic, rear engine ungodly fast cars they produce "non-sports cars"?

I remember hearing that "sports car" was defined by a manual transmission, front engine rear drive 2 door car. which would make the top sporty cars, not sports cars, but the miata fits... seems a little backwards.

or wait, well, they DID come up with another term..... "super car" which I belive the ferraris and porcshes and the lambo's fit into (well the lamb is more of a hypercar - all show with a big engine but not "fast" like a supercar)
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