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Talking My New Bonnet

Last night my truck got a new bonnet to go with the skirts.

Hmm... I think I should restate that, b/c I think my truck is a dude.
"Last night my new truck got a new bandana to go with his kilts."

I don't love this design, but I thought it was a clever use of an extra 4x1 foot strip of coroplast.

Construction was easy. Using a template from a piece of poster board, I cut it and had it ready within 20 minutes.

Then I decided to get fancy and screwed it up, causing me to spend another hour fixing it with ugly tape.

Here's how it's applied. The tab attaches to the back of the truck.

I stuck it to the truck with double-sided duck tape. Good stuff.

Since I didn't bother to pre-bend the coroplast, it was tough to get the tab to hold, so I wound up layering a pile of aluminum tape.

The drive:

I got to my car this morning to find that the tab on one side had detached. Because it was cold and dewey, there was no way I was going to get it to stick, so I left it dangling. Otherwise it was solid, and it made the entire 34 mile drive.

My ScanGauge is calibrated a lot closer now, and marks are easier to hit. Not my old marks, mind you, but marks nonetheless. I think it's still calibrated low, but it's close enough not to be maddening. If it's not still really low, then I'm worried that my engine is starting to lose efficiency now that it's well out of its stock sweet-zone. I'm not sure that's a good diagnosis of my experience though... I'll have to meditate on that.

My nicest discovery ... I can Pulse-and-Glide now! Not everywhere, of course, but at least on some moderate downgrades where my previous choice was limited to DWL at 65mpg. And I was totally able to coast all the way down a few long hills. I noticed the same after the wheel mods yesterday, but now it's even better.

I don't like the look right now though, so I'll be in a hurry to upgrade to a full "fastback". I'll probably procrastinate today by folding paper designs of the folds and cutouts I'll need.

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