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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I'm betting the air tabs made no discernable difference.

Great mods!
Thanks! The DIY AirTabs... hard to say what if any difference they made. When I first installed them, there was a lot of noise, but no real difference in how the car handled. At least as far as I could differentiate from the belly screen that I was fiddling with at the same time. Now, I did see a consistent 1 mpg boost when I cut them down from 2.5 inches to .75 inches and better handling. But again, I was finishing and repairing the belly screen at the same time. You could say "I want to believe" that they should work on my truck. The vacuum suck when I shift to N downhill is hugely frustrating, and it would be great to minimize that. Maybe they need to see a wing. It's a fact that my short bed doesn't allow a shallow 12 degree angle -- it's more like 20. Soon I'm thinking I might experiment with a whale tail. But first I'll see if managing the angle of the roof and sides can accommodate the short 5-foot bed.

I'd definitely work on that coroplast taper to the roof & side of the cab. You can't go wrong with a 10 degree taper (sides & top) if you just want to slap something together.
Yeah, "slap" definitely describes this last mod. It's not even a bonnet -- more like a kerchief. Ideally, if I wanted to stick with this mod, I think I need to make it look like a manly backwards baseball cap.

I'm having trouble imagining how to apply the sides-taper to a fastback attachment, that I assume would affix to the bed rails, when my bed is wider than the cab. Is there a model somewhere for this? Or maybe the idea is a gradual taper as it rises towards the top...

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