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Originally Posted by Sulfuric View Post
33 mpg is simply amazing in pretty much any pickup, high five.
If you could pick a number in mpg, how much do you think you scangauge helps?
Well, yesterday it didn't help me the slightest bit, LOL. But generally I've been saying it's worth to me about 6mpg, or 20% of my mpg. Of course I could've learned a lot of it, and did learn a lot of it, without the ScanGauge. But I totally depend on DWL, and with the automatic, I often just have a hard time figuring out what gear I'm in, especially coming out of neutral coast. It's so much easier for me to watch the mpgs. If I'm cruising at 48 but eating fuel, I know I need to get my overdrive back. And knowing whether I'm trolling around town at 10mph getting 30mpg vs. 5mpg is priceless.
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