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A suggestion for version 2.0 ...

- Tie in all the data values needed for the calculator in our vehicle entries in the Garage - Provide a link from one's vehicles to their own power-at-speed charts.

I'd imagine that gas/diesel vehicles will be somewhat easy to integrate ... you may have to work a little to figure out the same for HPV's and Electrics and Electric-Petro Hybrids.

The only big issue I could see would be the metric / imperial units confusion ... Some of the values already stored for cars are imperial (e.g. Frontal area), and the chart-script asks for the same in metric units.

And of course, thank you both, krousdb and MetroMPG for doing the legwork to get this up on the site! Takes me back to my highschool days, reading Korff's book borrowed from the library, and making these same charts on quad-paper for cars I wanted to design and build.
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