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"Fastback"-style Cab Kamm: Check!

"Fastback"-style Cab Kamm: Check!

Here's what I "slapped on" last night:

The Build:

Funny thing is... I stopped at Lowe's after work to pick up some clear plastic and supplies to make the side fairings. But by the time I got home, I decided it was too complicated to bust it all out in one night, so I decided to put it off.

But I thought "Why don't I try this with some of the screen left over from the belly screen?" It took me all of 15 minutes to cut the screen and prep it. But when I got back to the car... too short. (Measure twice, cut once, stupid!) And that was the last of my screen.

The experience was good, though. When I realized how small those fairings really are (about 17x12", tapering to 5"), I noticed I had a couple small pieces of coroplast left over from the wheel project that were exactly the right size!

I quickly cut 'em to size, and cut a few smaller pieces to use as joints - to attach the fairings to the bed rail and to the top fairing. Again I used Double-Sided Duck Brand Tape. If you haven't tried it, I really recommend it. It not only sticks solidly to the car, but it also peels right back off. It's gummy, so I think it's helped by simple vacuum action.


It's hard to tell from the photos what kinds of angles are involved. Honestly, I didn't measure, but tried to eyeball a taper that would allow around an average of 10-12 degrees. The sides start at the bottom flush with the inside edge of the bed rail and twist to meet the top at around 15 degrees.

The top likes to bulge upwards in the middle, so the angle is near flat, but rapidly starts to curve downwards towards the sides approaching 20 degrees. Note that the tailgate of my short 5 ft. bed is about 20 degrees south of the top of the cab. I'd like to reinforce the middle of the top so that it bulges less and keeps a more consistent downward angle across the top that will keep it from "splitting" the air over the bed.


A short note -- I was very concerned that the visibility around my blind spot would disappear, and that's why I was prioritizing clear plastic or screen for the side fairings. But now that they're on -- not only are they not in the way... I can barely even see them, because they are hidden behind the C-pillars. How about that!

Questions, anyone? Comments from experts?

I'd really like to know if this "Fastback" style would be better converted to the downward "chopped" style Kamm-back, with the side fairings smaller at the bottom than the top. It's obvious to me that the V where the top and sides meet won't do, but beyond that, what shape should I be going for overall?

By the way, if anyone is counting, I believe this is my 5th ecomod this week.
1) Wheel covers, 2) Rear wheel skirts, 3) Passenger mirror foldback, 4) Top cab fairing, 5) Side Cab Fairing. With two more days to fillup, what's your bet on this week's numbers?

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