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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Hm.. Mooncraft is the counterpart to Mugen, a Honda-option parts mfg... that's funny, although I seriously doubt they're the same company.

As far as real input here, is there any benefit to having domed caps as opposed to flat caps on your wheels? Like helping to re-direct some of the detached airflow from the nose- area of the car and help reattach it to the side?

Obviously, they create a larger frontal area, but I wonder if it's enough to negate any (if any) positive effect they may have?
Moon wheel covers do aggravate frontal area,however provide the highest sectional density,compensating for the tire"bump" eruption,and overall,they offer the lowest drag for a open wheel in free stream,producing the profile of a "Streamlined Wheel"used in aviation,@ Cd0.12 (from Hoerner,Fig.8.13,Page 128.Better even if faired!
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