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Originally Posted by 1337 View Post

Can you explain what you mean by C- and _C bolt patterns? I thought that just about any 4x100 bolt pattern wheel with a high offset would fit on a '90s Protege, Civic, Corolla, etc.

As far as benefits, I'm not out much money if I don't see an FE gain. I found a junkyard that will ship me a set of '86 CRX Si wheels for $150, and I would just transfer my Michelin Harmony tires to the CRX wheels.

I also like the looks of the gen1 CRX Si wheels (sure beats my black steelies)...
I was thinking that they still measure the bolt pattern from center of one hole,across to the opposite hole.That may not be valid anymore.I was interested in a later model HONDA wheel and the parts guys said they wouldn't fit my car,as HONDA had subsequently changed their bolt pattern.-----$150 is a great price if they'll fit! I'll see if I can find that weight.
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