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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
As for shape to follow, look at Bondo's or Phil's truck and follow those lines. The fact that you're chopping yours off before the tailgate doesn't matter. If you can round the "shoulders" (the transition between the "sides" and "top" of the extension), it'll help.
Thanks, Darin. I understand that I'm going for a teardrop, no prob. My question concerns how to chop it off for best effect. Right now, it's cut off with a rather ragged shape. I would rather, for aero as well as aesthetics, have it be a straight cut all the way around. The question is... along what plane should I chop it? Most Kammbacks seem to chop at a downward-tilted angle, which makes sense at the very back of the vehicle. (Does it? I guess it does...) But off the cab in the middle of the wake, is there any reason to chop it vertically? Does it matter?

I'm asking, b/c "bigger" was exactly my intent. I only did this version because it was quick and involved scraps, and I'm impatient. And I never intended to attach sides to this -- it was just an impulse when I realized how easy it was. So I want to know for the next project if there's a reason to chop it vertically, or tilted back like yours, or forward like a "fastback fairing".

Ultimately, I'll have a topper. But in the meantime I have a few intermediary ideas I want to try that will still allow the bed to be open.

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
If you can round the "shoulders" (the transition between the "sides" and "top" of the extension), it'll help.
It's hard to tell in the previous pix, but the corners actually are pretty well rounded. See this one:

I actually consulted your thread a lot, and I remember you saying that you wish you rounded the corners more.

I'm hoping this thread may inspire some other truckers. This mod was SOOO easy. Way easier than the wheel skirts.

All it involves are about 6 sq. ft. of coroplast scraps and double-sided Duck tape.
It's perfectly reasonable to have it all done in one evening.

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