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Wow, that was a really helpful explanation. Thanks! You're perfectly welcome to "butt in" any time.

Kamm and others did recommend that you chop it off when the (clean) cross-sectional area is reduced to 50% of frontal area.
Hmm... I see the problem, since on a truck, with the bed taking up at least 50% of the area all the way to the back, that pretty much forces a topper and a partial boattail on you.

But I think you've also suggested that you can pair a cab Kamm with a rear tonneau or Kamm extension to provide that continuity. That's probably my next mod. I've been wanting to ask you... My short 5' bed has a pretty sharp angle from the cab to tailgate, on the order of 20+ degrees. How much would I be able to bridge that gap with fancy curvature on the Kamm? I'm figuring I may have to whale-tail it a bit, and I'm wondering how high I might need to build the extension. Thanks again.
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