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Fuel viscosity--Thoughts on this c&p?

Simple new fuel-injection technology applies electric field to increase car mileage and reduce emissions

Sep 30 2008 10:30AM

Researchers at Temple University in Pennsylvania installed an electrically-charged tube around a car's fuel line near the fuel injector and resulting in an increase in mileage from 33 mpg to 37 mpg. Based on a principle called electrorheology, the field reduces the fuel's viscosity, effectively atomizing the fuel droplets, increasing the mileage while decreasing emissions. From the study’s abstract:

“Because combustion starts at the droplet surface, smaller droplets lead to cleaner and more efficient combustion. Both laboratory tests and road tests confirm our theory and indicate that such a device improves fuel mileage significantly. The technology is expected to have broad applications, applicable to current internal combustion engines and future engines as well.”

The study will be published in the November 19th issue of ACS’s publication, Energy and Fuels.

The technique is relatively simple to implement in future car designs, or even as a retrofit.

Lower pollutants, a 20% increase in fuel efficiency – when can we buy this?

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