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Originally Posted by taco View Post
if u noticed gm and ford are using short beds for the xfe models, they add a cover. they claim the bed is short enough that the main air flow dont hit it.. i know the air hits the last foot or so of my 6 foot 3 inch bed.
Taco: Can you find an article that explains the XFE aerodynamics? It'd be nice to see an airflow diagram of this.

It still seems to me that optimally I would want the reattach the airflow at the back. Maybe with the short bed, I would have a chance for a really short wake if I get the curvature right.

LH: I actually made the half-tonneau sit inside the rails instead of on top, and it sits just below the top of the tailgate, creating a small lip. I think for those cars, the angle from the cab to the top of the lip is generally in the 12 degree range. In my case, it's about 22 degrees. It sure would be amusing to try putting a 6" tall "lip" on my tailgate to see if it helped reattachment. How's that for counterintuitive?

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