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Originally Posted by some_other_dave View Post
IIRC, most stock Honda alloy wheels are relatively heavy. Lighter than steel wheels, but not nearly as light as a lot of the aftermarket alloys.

I don't think that's true at all, since '85 Si 13" wheels are ~9-10lbs w/o a tire on them, '86 Si 14" wheels are closer to 13lbs w/o a tire, and even most of the mid90's wheels are still lighter than their steel counterparts.

I own both sets.

In fact, I have the 14" Phone Dials (nickname) or "Buttons" on my 4th gen Civic.

PS. Bolt patterns have been measured center to center across the widest point since engineers determined this the most accurate way to measure anything.

As long as the offset is at least 38mm, and the wheel/tire isn't more than a standard width, it will fit on a Honda hub.

In a few seconds, I can get the weights of some pretty common Honda/Acura wheels.

OEM steel wheels on 88-91 Civics are 13x5J and weigh 16#
86-87 Alloy wheels are 14x5J, cast wheels, and weigh 15.4#
Honda Civic HX 96-97 wheels are cast alloy, 14x5.5J and weigh 11.8#
Civic VX 13x5J cast alloy, weight 9.7#

Still waiting for weight on '85 Si 13x5J.
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