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New Car Window Stickers

I use to be of the opinion that there was no way in hell you could get window sticker numbers out of any car unless you drove like a grandma with the a/c off. In fact I supported that notion until the day I began to drive more sensibly with the Vibe.

Since then I have had my share of experiences in other vehicles where I exceed epa without question (4-runner).

Now today I had the chance to take a brand new 2009 F-150 out for a 100 mile drive. It's sticker read 14 / 19. My goal, drive the speed limit and excersize no other hypermile tactics other than coast to a stop while in gear. No EOC, no neutral coasting, no engine off at lights, not even adjusting the tire pressure. Just sensible everyday driving.

My results;

-Trip up .... 24.7mpg Avg on the dumb meter
-Trip Back ... 23.9mpg Avg on the dumb meter (Head wind)

This data includes a serious highway stretch, 60 miles driven @ 70mph, (Speed Limit)

So my conclusion, if you do not drive like an ass and follow the posted speed limits, even you can exceed the epa ratings posted for your vehicle.

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