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Just today I wanted to rotate the car 180 degrees, to get at the other side of it, so because it is sitting on a smooth concreat floor I simply grabed on the the corner of the car, and spun it around part way, grabed the other end and finished pulling it around untill it was where I wanted it, as it doesn't have the batteries or windows in it, I'm sure it weighs around 500 pounds, maybe slightly more, but it's easy to move.
The garage is cold enough that I put a heating pad (with the kill-a-watt meter) under the body panal that I used plastic weld epoxy on so that it would cure, I also built a plywood stand to keep the rear tires off the ground so I could check out the drive train, and while blowing dust out of the crannies, I noticed that one of the relays has a contact that heated up and came unbrazed, so I spent the rest of my time reading over wiring diagrams to figure out if I needed that relay with a new controler, and it looks like for at least some of them I do.
I'm hoping that tomarrow I'll be at the same place at the same time as the guy that I got the citicar from, and at that point I'll hopfully get an update on the location of the title, maybe offer another $50 in bribes.
I don't really want to go with sam's club batteries, cheapest I can find around here are $89 each (need 8) but today I found Torjans for $105 each and they have a good reputation, and in the EV world they say that your vehicle is only as good as it's battery, I would love to get some lithuim packs built up, but I suspect that would cost around... $10,000 to $12,000...

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