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Or.... You can make a 144v 600amp controller for about $350 in parts ($400 Australian)! Ian of did it! He even shows his progress. In larger quantities (like 50 or so) it can be done for about $250. Ben, remember how you said that in a year, you will be gas free, but you didn't know how yet, but it was as good as done? oh ya! Well, come heck or high water, in a year, there will be a slightly ghetto fully functional 144v (156v?) controller. I'm using 200v components, so I guess as long as it stays under that, it doesn't matter.
If, NAY, when it's usable, I'll do what I can to make it available to people at the cost of parts.

Check out Ian's progress so far! He's an awesome guy with a knack for explaining things. Zero Emission Vehicles Australia
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