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Paul & Sabrina's cheap DIY 144v motor controller

This thread is very long, but LOADED with all sorts of great information. To skip straight to some of the end results of all the hard work of Paul and others, please visit the WIKI on this project, located at: )

There are 3 basic parts to an electric car:

Motor Controller

Freeway capable EVs are more expensive than slow EVs because you need more batteries (sometimes: could use buddy pairs at lower voltage) and a high voltage controller. The same motor can often still be used, just by advancing the brushes, and maybe adding a blower to keep it cool.

So, it seems to me that the best place to focus efforts to making freeway capable EVs more affordable (under $1500?), is to focus on the controller. About $1200 or so can be shaved off the cost of a new controller.

So, here's my plan:
First, I'll make a smaller controller. I plan on it being 72v 40amp. Then, I'll try to scale it up. I'll test the smaller controller on my ebike, which has a brushed dc motor.

Today, I ordered most of the components and tools needed to make the bike controller. As they come, I'll take pictures of the things and the process. I'll try to get the bike controller done before school starts in January.

Some of the more important parts I ordered include:

50 MHz two channel oscilloscope

Ten IRFB4110 mosfets
IXDD414PI mosfet gate driver
Five STTH6002CW freewheel diodes
Atmel STK500
ATMega8 microcontroller
7.5 to 76V in, 5V out DC-DC
7.5 to 76v in, 12v out DC-DC
Twelve TS-ED 200v 470uF Panasonic Capacitors

kits and boards

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