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The Time To Buy Gas is NOW

If anyone caught it in my off the cuff remarks and such... My refueling regime involves watching fuel prices and making predictions based on news and the anticipated number of miles I'll be driving in the short term.

while anticipating fuel prices to stay or drop - partial fills
while anticipating fuel prices to go up OR a long trip to an area with higher fuel prices - fill up all the way

So yes, I'll be refueling 100% today. I will be traveling south 200 miles - where fuel is more expensive... But, today marked the first day in weeks that the average fuel prices for regular unleaded went up. A measly .003 cents, but significant.

Based on news from Iran, annual trends etc. etc. etc. I believe, this morning, we found our bottom for average fuel prices ($1.660).

We'll see tomorrow if it continues to rise.

I moved some funds to an investment account when the market crashed -- if gas prices continue to rise of the next day or so, I'm probably going to put a little money into oil....

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