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I admit, I don’t know if these additives really work (My mechanic swears that one brand works very well. I tried it but of course couldn’t take a look inside my tank) but the moisture problem mainly appears in the winter and you anyway will have it as soon as your tank level sinks, regardless if you fully filled your tank. But I understand your point that you increase this problem with a half full tank. :-)

To gascort:
I just did a fast calculation for my diesel engine car supposing it would have a lifespan of 150'000 Km and came with a rough result of 4500 Kg. of total mass reduction.
If I didn’t made a mistake I came to ca. 175 Lt. (with my cars fuel consumption values) of fuel economy. Multiply this by millions of cars…

Regarding the problem that you need to go twice as often to the gas station this is correct. In my case I pass every day several gas stations so the extra gas and time consumption is sub-minimal but of course it’s not the same for everyone.

BTW in the << 108 hypermiling / ecodriving tips ...>> of this site it’s stated:

<<4) Clean junk from your trunk
The additional weight you carry in your vehicle doesn't ride for free. It takes energy to move it around. Removing unnecessary stuff from your vehicle saves fuel.>>

But it’s just my 2-cent opinion. :-)

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