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Originally Posted by hal9999 View Post
You are correct, but:
1. When is your fuel tank always full ? Moisture will anyway always create after its level sinks.
2. There are additives that, at least depending the brand, claim to bind the water and burn it and also clean the injectors. You can use these once at the spring.
1. ever hear your gas tank suck air in when you go to fill up? that's cause there is a vacume, which helps to also reduce the possibility of explosion, it also makes for much less water in the air, if any.

2.the additives cost more than a gallon of gas, and are only about 5-10oz, of isobutyl or methyl alcohal, which is poor to burn in a gasoline engine. basically, since alcohal is hygrophilic, it absorbs water, since the water is now diluted alcohal, it doesnt freeze as well, which allows it to still flow, doesnt burn to well though

trust me, its much better to top off a bunch in the winter than dump a lot of crap in the tank.
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