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Hm... That's not the reply I saw in my email... no matter.

I tried something stupid as a kid, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE ELSE TRYING IT:

I put a lit cigarette into a cigar tube, left uncapped.

I dropped it into a bucket of gas, and covered my head.

The cigarette went out, with a rather unfulfilling sizzle. (I was expecting a fireball or something.)

I researched this: There is a large amount of heat necessary to actually ignite liquid fuel. This is the reason that fuel needs to be vaporized to be burned efficiently in an engine.

The cigarette was protected by the cigar tube from the fumes of the gas, due to the pressure it created from the heated smoke rising. Once it went into the liquid, the liquid filled it, putting the cigarette out. (It didn't have enough heat energy to ignite the liquid fuel.)

I later tried this in a more controlled experiment with a match, and even an oil soaked wick. Neither lit the fuel. Both times, they went out.

What have I learned? Don't use liquid gasoline. It's crap.
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