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In my 4runner for highway P&G I've found (using my scanguage) that about 70% throttle up to 70 mph (in a 65 zone) before putting it in neutral and coasting down to 50-55mph (depending on traffic) gives me my best FE for using P&G. Of course, highway hills alter areas where I can P&G so I keep it around 57 mph on the highway and then Pulse up to 70mph when I see a long coast is possible on the downside of the hill or a long, flat stretch.

I used heavy P&G on a long road trip back in September (without a scanguage) and was able to pull 2 tanks of 32% and 39% over EPA. Have a Christmas trip coming up next week and now armed with my scanguage I'm actually looking forward to the 6 hour one-way trip to see what numbers I can pull (although with the colder temps I'd be surprised to match my September trip numbers).
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