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STK500 operational!

programmed the micro-controller (after some difficulty getting everything plugged in right! ANGER!) with a program that lets you see some LED's so I could actually tell that it worked. It worked! Unfortunately, the program needed to run a motor controller doesn't really make it easy to see that it's working. I need a dang throttle, and a bunch of electrical components, and just build the left half of the motor controller itself (most of the low power side in the schematic above) just to test the stupid program!

So, I programmed the ATMEGA8 with the motor controller program, on faith, trusting that it's all good. Now I need to build a prototype of the low power half of the controller. No mosfets on this version. Basically, I'm going to be "driving" an LED (baby motor! hehe). Now, this LED will get brighter and dimmer through PWM. I guess I'm making 3 motor controllers, a WEENIE BABY LED 5v 0.01amp "motor controller", a medium 72v 40amp bike controller, and a monstrous 144v 400amp (500? 600???) car motor controller! Hold me back, hold me back!

I have to go to Sylvan really soon, and it's super stormy and snowy! Man, I wish I had more time!

The pictures show the STK500 with the ATMega8 micro-controller plugged in (ready to receive it's motor control program), and various screen shots, including showing that it has been successfully programmed! Hurray!

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