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extraction ducts

Originally Posted by lunarhighway View Post
would it be worth it building an extraction ducts behind the radiator?

i've got quire some clearence but i don't think i could get an ideal hight length ratio as shown in the drawing above...

is there a similar ratio for the exit duct and is this ratio constant ?

like when the front duct length would be 1/2 of the radiator height would the ideal intake height be 1/3 of the rad height?
My short answer is no,I don't know.The person to ask would be Professor Alberto Morrelli in Italy.When he did the R&D for the CNR "banana-car" he used the Pininfarina windtunnel to determine extractor outlets,such that as the air left the radiator duct,it blended with the surrounding airstream at the same velocity so as not to trip the flow.I believe Morrelli published a paper on the project however I never tried for a copy.If anyone knew,he'd be the guy.The Rutan Brothers,at Scaled Composites,Mojave,California probably know.A letter or e-mail to them might lead to a reference.Sorry,I'm not much help.
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