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Baby motor controller (5v 0.01amp) completed!

There were more than a few mistakes in both the circuit AND the program! It took HOURS to fix them all. ANGER! My beautiful oscilloscope came today. No plug that fit, but I had a spare computer plug that fit. With it, I could enter the world that I had been blind to until now.

So, I hooked up a throttle, and could control my pwm signal. Next, I need to send the pwm signal to a driver to amplify it, and then use the driver to turn on a few mosfets. Next step, 72v 40amp bike controller! Hold me back! Hold me back!

The picture of the oscilloscope with the green lines shows the pwm. It was about 80% of full throttle.

I think I'll install this version in my car and see what sort of acceleration I get. I'm guessing about the same as the forkenswift.
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