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Unhappy Scion xA woes

I recently found this forum while searching for information on the xA I have.

the woes detail how I have been struggling to get this xA to perform. And the multiple problems being dealt with through the dealership in Lancaster.

My daily commute is 55.5 miles one way, and 95% of this is highway/highway speeds (55mph on 997)

my standard I choose to hold all cars is the 55mpg I had while using a 2007 Prius, and the sad point is that I drove without any extra technique, no slip streaming, no neutral coasts, etc.

the ONLY way I can get the 450mile per 12 gallon full tank (37.5mpg) is by slip streaming all highway travel. the higher RPM while the engine decides to warm up is frustrating me to no end.

the tires are oem and filled to 50psi (i had to refill them after the dealership called themselves doing the econo-maintenance and dropping psi to 35!?!?)

I make it a point to keep RPM at or below 2k during accelerations, and neutral coast when ever i can.

sadly, all this still only nets me 37mpg on a good week. less most times.

my questions are:

is it possible to adjust the car's computer to NOT prevent the trans from shifting to high gear with "x" temp? I angered that I am going >3k at 40MPH!!!!!!

can one just disconnect the thermostat to effect the same change?

as far as covering the grill, given all else being equal, how much does that help?

also, has anyone had any experience with using water electrolysis (electrically breaking down water to O2 and H)?

I have read a few articles that suggest a massive amount of fuel economy increase. (considering the volatile nature of straight O2 and H, i can kinda see that point)

it seems there are kits available that only require tank installed somewhere in engine compartment, hose to air intake, done.

also, the xA stands exceptionally high. 6 inches at least compared to a Nissan Sentra, what would be the benefit to lowering the suspension of this car?

Thank you for the response, I hope to get this disappointment of a car set to better perform through the help and expertise here-in.


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