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Losing the MISinformation
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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
LOL intrigued... I learned a long time ago, to leave plenty of notes, even in HTML... if nothing else, it helps other people using your de-compiled stuff to learn.
Back during my "first college-hood" in the '70s, (Before Al Gore ) the only computer languages around were COBOL and FORTRAN. I took a liking to COBOL then, but was an Aviation Technology major, and didn't mess with it.

Since the Sudden Stop at the bottom of that fall that put me in this cursed wheeled conveyance, I have been going through my "second college-hood." Guess what one of the first things was I studied? COBOL! Even 9 years ago nearly a third of what was coming out in the business world was in COBOL for use in AS-400s and other midrange-to-mainframe computing-type contraptions. Now that I'm close to my Bachelor's degree (Business) there's not much use for it anymore, but if I can figure out how to live until Y2.1K, I could sure help in reprogramming all of the old-timers - again!

EDIT: Wait a minute... ARPANET IN '69, TCP/IP first written in '74. Maybe it wasn't before he invented the internet...

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